Waltesey A'tukwaqn - Page 7

Kaqisi-tepknusetewik we'kayiw ika'titek
ka'qna'tas-iktuk. Nujo'tk Ka'qna'tasi, wekayiksip
aqq mu asite'lmaqsipni siawita'new. Mu wen
asite'lmas saputa'sin mi'soqo jijaqmiju'wej. Ki's
app wenmajita'sis kisikuo'p aqq poqtitemis. Lpa
wsaqpikunn kutajuiksipn.

It took them many moons before they finally arrived at the gates. The Gate Keeper was very angry at them, they were not allowed to pass through the gate. No one was allowed to pass through the gate unless they were in spirit form. The old man started to moan heavily and started to cry. His tears poured out.

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Copyright © 2000 Centre of Excellence. Used with permission.
Written and illustrated by Mary Rose Julian.
Narrated by April Julian. Pencil coloured by Alice Paul.
Web version prepared by Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk.