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Amazing Grace
Song, Lyrics & Performance © Dr. Bernie Francis.
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Wleyuti ta'n tel-wlta'q
Peace, how sweet it sounds

It has saved me

Ne'wt keskaiap
Once I was lost

Nike' we'ji'imk
Now I'm found

Nekapikwaiap nike' welapi
I was blind but now I see

Wleyuti kisi-kina'matk nkamlamun
Peace has taught my heart

Aq pa kisiknewa'lik
And has strengthened me

Ankmayiw ika'q wleyuti
Peace arrives immediately

Teli-nqase'k ketlamsîtm
As soon as I believe

Ta'n tetuji-wlta'q
How sweet it sounds

Se'sus wtuisunm
Jesus' name

Wjit ketlamsvtmu'tite'wk
For the believers

Wnmajo'ti'l, jileiwaqnn aq kwetaiwekl
Worries, pain &injuries and fear

All disappear

Wleyuti ta'n tel-wlta'q
Ne'wt keskaiap
Nike' we'ji'imk
Nekapikwaiap nike' welapi

Mi'kmaw English Slow Phonetics
Wleyuti Peace Wleyuti
Ta'n tel-wlta'q How great it sounds. Ta'n tel-wlta'q
Ne'wt keskaiap. I once was lost. Ne'wt keskaiap.
Nike' we'ji'imk. Now I'm found. Nike' we'ji'imk.
Nekapikwaiap. I was blind. Nekapikwaiap.
Welapi. I see well. Welapi.
Se'sus Jesus Se'sus

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