Wowkwis aqq Ka'qaquj - Page 8

Wowkwis telimatl, "Ki' kelu'sijik na knisqi'k,
etuk na kesikawayja'sin." Ka'qaquj to'q ti'
welsituatl wowkwisl jel wnisqi'k to'q i' ilekeji.

The Crow said to him, "Gee, your wings are good looking, you must be fast in flight." The Crow liked what the Fox was saying, he even kept rearranging his wings.

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Copyright © 1999 Centre of Excellence. Used with permission.
Written by Barbara Sylliboy. Narrated by April Julian.
Illustrated by Re'jay Gould. Pencil coloured by Alice Paul.
Web version prepared by Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk.