Wowkwis aqq Ka'qaquj - Page 9

Wowkwis telimatl ka'qaqujl, "Ki'l etuk maw
kelu'sin te'si'tij sisipk. Etuk na, natawintu'n elt
tettuji kelu'sin." Ka'qaquj to'q mu me'tek pasik
i'matkwetesink mita wktun waju'aq pipnaqsikn.

The Fox said to the Crow, "You must be the most beautiful of all the birds. You must be also a good singer since you are so beautiful." The Crow said nothing only nodding his head for his mouth was full of the bread.

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Copyright © 1999 Centre of Excellence. Used with permission.
Written by Barbara Sylliboy. Narrated by April Julian.
Illustrated by Re'jay Gould. Pencil coloured by Alice Paul.
Web version prepared by Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk.