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Christmas Music Contest
December 2000

Wejku'et Santi Kla's - Here Comes Santa Claus (MP3)
Performed by Membertou Elementary School

Weiku'et Santi Kla's
Weiku'et Santi Kla's
Here comes Santa Claus

near Caribou Marsh

Wejkwawlatkl almijkaqnn
carrying bags of toys

Wjit msît mijua'ji'jk
for all the children

Jijuejkl meteta'ql
bells are ringing

Msît wen ktapekietew
and everybody will sing

Pasmu'naqsine'n, anqunto'si
Jump into bed and pull the blankets over your head because

San'ti Kla's wejku'et
Santi Klas is coming


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