Dr. Granny's Dream Catchers

The Dream Catcher is a traditional native craft made to catch bad dreams while you sleep. The middle of the dream catcher is to catch the bad dreams. The dream catcher is designed to represent a web, so it will be easier to catch the bad dreams.
These are a couple of My Grandmother's Dream Catchers
The Dream Catcher is started by getting a ring, then getting enough sinew (material that you get from a moose's stomach). Then start by making a loop with a knot to secure the sinew to the ring and continue to do so until you get to around the middle and tie a knot. You can decorate the dream catcher if you wish by adding beads while your making the loops.
Margaret Johnson (my grandmother)
My Grandmother, Dr. Margaret Johnson, has made several different pieces of Dream Catchers. Each and every one has a very beautiful style of its own. She has made several over the years, although she is old now and can't make them as often as she wants. Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of the most wonderful ones she has made in the past.

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