Lyrics by 
Peter MacDonald, Eel Ground First Nation School Students, and Peggy Ward.
Vocals by Peggy Ward, accompanied by a number of Cape Breton singers.
(c) 2006 Eel Ground School

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Hey Mom before you have that ice cold drink
I need you to stop ~ stop and think
Think about what you want me to be
And what the world in nine months will see

I long to grow up ~ be beautiful as you
This poison will hurt us you know itís true
I want you to love me ~ not have to cry
The drink is calling but so am I

An ounce of LOVE is all that it takes
For us to share a life that never shatters and breaks
For nine months the only SPIRIT Iíll see
Is the love that flows from you to me
Please let it be ~ oh ~ let it be please

If today you drink ~ when tomorrow comes
You might feel better but the damage is done
And it canít be undone ~ I canít sleep this off
I canít rub it off ~ I canít wear it off

Look into your future see what will come
Your decision now will be set in stone
And Iíll carry that stone with me every day
Please Momma donít throw my life away


I know you want to see Ďkindergarten meí
Rhyming all of my ABCís
Growing through all of the years to be
Solid ~ strong ~ steady as an oak tree

If only you could hear whatís in my mind
I know you want to love me and be kind
Even if nobodyís there for you
Be there for yourself ~ be there for me too