My Sister Donelda

This is a story of my sister Donelda. My sister has a disease which is called Ataxiatelangiectasia. She has a special place in our hearts because she is very sick with a rare illness and we won't have Donelda with for very long. I want to tell you about a trip that my family just took with her.

We went to Sydney and met my grandparents at McDonald's. We stayed there for about an hour. My grandparents came to the airport with us. My brother and I had nothing to do so we played around and went to the arcade. We waited for the plane to come.

Once the plane came, my uncle took the van to his house. We went to Halifax, We waited there for about an hour. When the plane came we boarded it for Toronto. We had to help my sister because she was in a wheelchair. She used to be able to walk but her condition is making her muscles weak and she wobbles when she walks.

We went to Toronto and we stayed there overnight. We stayed at the Holiday Suites. We all woke up around five to catch our plane at seven. Once we got to the airport, we were all tired and lazy. We just sat there and waited. Donelda was tired too, We waited for the plane to come at 7:00 am but we didn't leave until 7:30 because there was ice on the wings.

When we got to Florida, we tried to find the place where we were staying. Then we went to the place where you rent cars. We wanted to rent a sports car for my dad, but he knew we wouldn't all fit so he told them to have a van ready for us instead. When we got there, sure enough the van was ready. It was a twelve passenger van. It was a pretty big van.

When we arrived at the airport, we didn't know where the Rent-A-Car place was, so we called the "Special Shuttle Service". It was for sick people. After we got to the place where we rented the van, my sister Donelda said "Mom, there's a McDonald's right next door". So we all went there.

When we left from McDonald's, we went to try and find the place we were staying. We found it and it was a nice place but we had to wait till 4:00 p.m. so we went shopping for anything that we needed. My sister wanted a hat. Donelda got a hat with a Mickey Mouse on the front of it. When it was time, we went back.

So we unpacked our stuff and we went swimming in the pool. Donelda came in the pool with us and I took care of her in the pool instead of having fun. About an hour later me and Donelda went out to ask my mom if we could go grocery shopping because things were pretty expensive at the malls. That was the first time we ever saw a Wallmart with groceries inside of it because we usually see clothing.

My mom picked out $137.00 of groceries in two carts, down here we usually get three hundred dollars in one cart. We went back home and we had supper. We wanted to go and meet some people and make friends. We took Donelda walking because the doctor told us that it is good for Donelda to use her legs. We went back home.

We had a big day the next day. We went to Disney World. We went on some rides with Donelda. She was laughing and having a good time!!! As time passed, we went walking around and about six we went back home because we were all getting tired. So Donelda was watching me and our brother Jeremiah playing tennis, we went back to our room, We took Donelda with us. We asked our mom to make supper, After supper we went to bed.

The next day we went to Universal Studios. We went on some rides. We took Donelda to go see a movie. It was called "Honey I shrunk the Audience". It seemed that Chelsea Ann was getting scared instead of Donelda. There was air underneath our seat and it seemed like there was mice under our seat and there was mice in the movie.

After that, we went out and Chelsea Ann wanted to get wet because she was pretty bored. There was a little playground where there was water squirting up so we went there. The kids got wet, Jeremiah, Chelsea and Donelda.

We went to go and get ice cream because it was pretty hot. After that we went to tour the area around Universal Studios. My sister started to get tired so we went to go rest in the shade. I was sitting down and Donelda said" Look, there's a bird" I got frightened and she started laughing at me. The bird was a parrot.

After that, Donelda wanted to go shopping so we went shopping. We went back home. Donelda wanted to go swimming so I helped to take care of my sister. She had fun in the pool. We stayed in the pool two to three hours. We returned to our room to go and get dry clothes. We took Donelda to go and play tennis. It was then about 10:30 at night. We went to sleep.

The next day when we woke up we had a free day. We didn't really call it a free day because we were busy. We went shopping to go and buy silverware. That day was pretty hot. It was about 76 degrees. My sister got a tan. When she took off her glasses, my dad started to laugh because he could see the white line and her face was really dark.

Later we went back to our room. We took our things back and we went out to eat. Afterwards we went swimming out in the pool. Then we went to our room and Donelda laid down to watch some television. Donelda fell asleep so my dad went over and took her and put her in my room. Mom asked me if I was hungry so I told her that I was and she made me a ham sandwich and a glass of pop. I went to my room and went to bed.

The next day I woke up and I saw my sister with a big smile on her face so I asked her, "why are you smiling so big?" She said, "Nobody knows I had a big of chips." I asked her what she wanted to eat and said, "I will have milk, eggs, and toast and butter." Everybody else started getting up and my dad asked, "What are you cooking for Donelda?" I was pretty busy being the chef that day!

Debbie came over. She is the girl from the Children's Wish Foundation. She is the one that holds the money. She is very nice. She bought us lots of stuff. After we all had something to eat we went to Sea World.

We saw sharks and all kinds of other fish. We went over to see the killer whales. They were doing a show that lasted about 5 minutes. My mom knew that the whales were going to splash so my mom, Mary and Chelsea went over near the top but Jeremiah and I didn't know that the whale was going to splash so the whale splashed us. Jeremiah and me were busy trying to get dry after that.

Later me and my dad, Mary and Jeremiah went on this ride that went straight down and we went to see Barney, BJ and Baby Bop and they went to go and see Donelda. After the show we went to go see the dolfins. It was great to see all those animals having so much fun. Donelda seemed happy.

That trip meant a lot to all of us. We have been so busy taking care of my sister that sometimes there just even time to have fun anymore. i am grateful to the Children's Wish Foundation because they gave us a chance to do something that Donelda really wanted to do.

Donald Joseph Googoo
Whycocomagh, NS

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