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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Who I Would Like To Have For My Valentine

I would like to have Stacey for my valentine because I have liked her since third grade.  She doesn’t like me.  One Valentine’s Day I was in my room thinking about her.  I was thinking about what I would do if I went out with her.  She was going to go out with me but she did not after.  She called me and said that she could not go out with me because she had to babysit.  That same night, she came out and she was going to go out with Robby.

I still like her but she will not go out with me.  If she said yes to me I would have to say no because of all of the times she stood me up and would not go out with me before.  So why would she want to go out with me now?

If we were together I would give her gifts and candy for Valentine’s Day.  If we were to get married I would buy a big house and a car for the two of us.  I would still live in Conne River and I would want to have two children.  I would name them Bob and Michael but if they were girls I would call them Michelle and Angelina.

On Valentine’s Day I feel happy.  It makes me think about Stacey and other girls I was with in my life.  It is a good holiday to show someone you love them and you care.

Cody Michael McDonald
Conne River, NF
Grade 7

Entry J-14

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