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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Hidding Feelings

My heart despair
The love ani't there
The name I think I
Dare not speak
The day's go by
And still I cry
Why won't you
Be my valentine
Still I wait
But no reply
Some times I wish
I could just die
I don't want to
Be alone on
To this I Ask
Please o please
Be my valentine
I've been alone
All my life
I don't know what
Love is
So take this chance
To get to know me
Meet me at the park tomorrow
You can see who I really am
You did not go you made
Me cry
You will never see me
Next valentine's
I have died.
You've killed me inside
You left me in the
Rain in the cold
Know I will never
Know what love can be
So I say good by
As I slowly die
I have no feelings
In side
I have died.

Christine Leigh Ward
Eel Ground, NB

Entry J-2

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