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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Love Never Fades

When your not near
I show so many tears
Sometimes I cry and wish
I just die

I love you so much
But I just canít say
I love you in so many
Different ways
I think about you every
night your eyes were
So bright in the stary

I wish things were
Like they were before
Because without you my life
Is just one big bore

Iím not to sure how
Iím supposed to feel
Or what to say but I know
Itís gonna be in a different way.

Maybe love was the thing
Holding me back from all
Maybe Iím just the thing to break
my own fall.

Now your gone but
I hope not for long.

Antonia Walsh
Conne River, NF
Grade 9

Entry J-22

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