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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Forsaken Love

  It was a beautiful day. It was late fall and winter was soon coming. Jenny was walking to school that morning and was in a very bad mood. She met her best friend at her locker, Sammy said, " So Jen what class do you have next? Will I think that In have algebra."  " I think that I have art next."  Jenny said, " Art class is always a drag." The bell rang. "Well, I have to go to class now see ya at your house after school Jen." ,said Sammy. Jenny hated her new house. She used to live at the mansion down West Street, but her father lost his job so they had to move to a small house at the woody road at the end of town. Jenny slipped into class when Mr.Goodyear  was not looking . Mr. Goodyear hated when his students were late for class. Jenny sat down in her desk and then noticed a teenaged boy that she hadnít seen before. He had black hair, as black as the night, blue eyes as blue as the sky, and tan skin as the color as sand. Then he looked at her and noticed that she was staring at him and he smiled at her, deep dimples showed in his cheeks. Jenny quickly turned away with flushed cheeks. She said to herself softly, " I think that I am going to like art class now!"

 Before class was over she heard Mr. Goodyear call the boy Jeffrol. That sounds like a very old name. He must be named after one of  his ancestors, Jenny thought to herself . Class was soon over and Jenny finely went to her locker to go home. For some reason Jenny saw Jeffrol right away in the crowd of students in the hallway. She saw him slowly walk out of the school doors. She quickly gathered her books and went out the door. She saw Jeffrol and followed. Jenny followed him to a old abandoned road not far from her house. She wondered why he was going to this place and there are no houses around at all. Then suddenly he turned around and looked at her and smiled showing those cute dimples.

 Jenny felt her legs getting weak and shaky. She  started to fall but Jeffrol quickly caught her to break her fall. She looked up at him smiling and he smiled back. Jenny loved the look of his deep dimples on his cheeks. She felt like fainting again, but she manage to stop herself. He touched her face and stared into her eyes and kissed her. That was it !! Jenny fell instantly in love with him. He touched her face again but his hand was so cold and his eyes looked so sunken and cold too. Jenny screamed and ran all the way home.

 " You mean you just ran off like that!! You are crazy! If I were you I would have stayed to chat or to do some other things too, you know.", said Sammy. " But it was so... strange and something that normal people would not do. Man I feel so bad. I know I should have never dissed him like that. You know what, tomorrow Iím going to make it up to him ," said Jenny.
 She and Jeffrol soon became very good friends. They went on many dates and they were drawn to each other. "Jenny", Jeffrol said, " I love you with all of the love in my heart, but before any thing else I have to tell you something that is going to effect our relationship."  "Oh Jeffrol I love you to!" , said Jenny.

" Look Jenny you have to listen to me. This is very important! Okay, I am not your average 16 year old. Iím not a real person, well I was real person 200 years ago. You see my dad and I were settlers and we were killed in these woods. Iíve earned a second chance , but for only two weeks and I only have two days left.  Then I will be gone forever."  " Jeffrol you know that this is so hard to believe, but I do believe you and no matter what I will always love you," said Jenny.

 They spent the last days together. They went to dinners at restaurants and romantic midnight walks at the beach, but Jenny was sad because she would lose her love at midnight tonight. "Jenny my love, I will be gone in another hour and I love you and I do not want to lose you.You are everything that I ever dreamed for in a girl. When I saw you for the first time I thought that I saw an angel. I love you so much."  They spent their last hour talking about their two wonderful weeks together. Then Jeffrol was ready to leave and he gave her one last kiss on the lips and said " I love you, I will never forget you, ever."  Then he was gone. Jenny said to the heavens above " I love you my dear Jeffrol. I will never forget you." And Jenny never did.

   The End.

Amanda Hinks
Conne River, NF
Grade 9

Entry J-24

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