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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Irene "Morning Star" Herney

Today i still remember her in everyway.
The loving and caring in her is not here today.
No one in the world, no other grandmother,
will care for me the same way she cared for me.
Not even to this day.
Now she is in a place where every good dream.
In my heart, i miss her piece by piece
In the old dreams and memories of those days are
now gone
I know that she cares about me and prays to
everyone she knows
I know someday i will see her but i am wondering
that is she sees me,
will she know who i am? will she care about me?
Will she even hold me like she use to and tell me
that she loves me?
I know in my heart that she loved me when she was
In my heart and soul she will always be alive forever and always.

Dacy Googoo
Waycobah, NS
Grade 8

Entry J-26

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