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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

The Deer and the Native Girl

A  long lime ago there was a deer and a native girl.  A star was from the spirt world wanted to travel to Mother Earth.

 This deer went from one Indian nation to another.  When night came ,the deer would wander around the campfires trying to get the little children to play with him .However the children were afraid so he would leave .  Wherever the deer went people would look upon it with wonder and fear.  The deer would linger over little children as to say ‘’please’‘ play with me. But the children would be afraid not wanting to hurt anyone the deer would leave quickly.  All the people in the would the native girl was not afraid of the beautiful deer.  This girl didn’t like the deer, she loved the beautiful deer. The deer felt the same way.

However, the girl traveled with her father who was a hunter. Wherever her father went, she went. One day the girl went picking  raspberries. She got lost in the woods and couldn’t find her way. She was frightened and began to cry out loud for
the deer. The deer was the only one to hear and he went to save  her.  The native girl’s father rewarded  the deer by not shooting it deer for lunch.. Ever since that day they were best friends.

William Quann
Conne River, NF
Grade 8

Entry J-27

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