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Dear Valentine . . .

February 2001 Junior High Contest Winner

Zabrina Whitman receives award!

Soul Mates

Although I've always given out Valentine's cards, chocolates and gifts to friends and family, I've never actually had a valentine. That is why I'd rather tell you about someone who has experienced love, and is an expert in it.

This person is my Grandmother, elder Doris Peters, mother of fourteen and a wife to the late Joseph Peters.

My Grandmother was a very prim and sophisticated woman. My grampie was an outgoing and hardworking man and though they may have seemed very different, they met at the fair and fell in love. They were married for fifty four years.

My grandparents love went through a lot. My Grampie would often go to the states for a few months working, to support his growing family. It must have been hard for both of them being away from each other but they pulled through and would enjoy the time they had with each other.

Years later, once their children were all grown up and had children of their own, Grampie  became chief of Horton First Nation, now Glooscap First Nation. Of course Grampie was on the road a lot with meetings and away from home. This time, not having to fend for children, Nanny went along with him.

During Grampies's time as chief, he developed Alzihmers, and Nanny painfully had to watch as her loving friend and spouse go through the terrible stages of his disease.

Eventually, God took my Grampie out of his misery and he ascended into heaven. I'm sure Nanny was hurting during that time, but she stayed strong for her children and for the ones who weren't as strong.

In conclusion, if I ever fall in love, I want to have the same love as  my Grandparents had for each other. Even though my Grampie is now dead, my Nanny hasn't stopped loving him. She herself now has Alzihmers, but I believe that one day they'll be joined together again and their love will be just as strong as before, if not stronger.

Story by

Zabrina Whitman
Middleton High School, NS
Grade 7

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