High School Level

By Myste Myers

Through the dawns of their lives, their love left unmeasured, Utter Devotion to one another, this burning desire to Love.

While the moon shone upon her body one night, he lay there thinking what a beautiful sight! He touched her body, ever so slightly, from her head down to her toe, her smooth brown skin, the warmth of her body, he fell in love with her all over again

Every sunrise, she wakes to his embrace, her Indian Warrior sound asleep, sun shining down upon his face, weak and timid he lay there still, in the arms of his woman, a place no other could fill.

One night the moon hid its face in deep regret and sorrow, for the woman's fierce Indian Warrior died in battle, for her there would be no tomorrow.

She touched his hair, his smooth brown skin the tears and pain all started to begin, she lay, by the side of her Indian Warrior and cried The sun would never set and the moon would never rise, she picked up his knife, and then closed his eyes, to live this life without him, seemed to be so grim she plunged the knife into her heart for it was already broken and tore apart

The Great Spirit saw these things, and with a loving heart he took their spirits home, so that they would never be alone he took them to heaven, way up above, and made them the keepers of Utter Devotion, and Love

Now I am told that the Elders still speak of this love, and that they will forever watch over us from the heavens above..

 Myste also gave us permission to post another one of her heart felt poems.

For You 
By Myste Myers

I can remember a time when we were so in love, when you could walk into a room, and I would know just what you were thinking without you saying a word. This love that we shared... was so unique, honest and true. The kind that you read about in story books.  I always knew that I loved you. The way that you would touch my hand, could send shivers down my back... For every kiss that I gave to you, you'd kiss me two times back. Soft spoken words of forever, promises of a love to last all times is memories that I have with you and these I know will always last. 

Time came between us, and others stood in the way... We lost each other's hearts, but we always found the way between two worlds that were lost, slowly drifting apart. We found each other and knew that we would never again be apart. 

I surrendered my heart to you and you surrendered your heart to me.  Two surrendering hearts... Bound together, for all time.

Myste Myers
Lennox Island, PEI

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