The Beautiful Bird

Once upon a time their was a young lady named Angela. She was native and she was 18 years old. Angela loved collecting native things and she loved animals the most. One day she was walking on the beach. She saw a young bird on the sand just lying there he looked dead. When she looked closely she saw a piece of plastic around his neck and he had his wing broken. She checked to see if the bird was dead but he was not he moved. So she picked him up and took the plastic from around his neck. She put the bird in her hands and brought it home with her.

The bird looked very beautiful it was red, yellow, black and white. She thought the bird was very odd looking it was the prettiest bird she ever saw in her life and she thought why does it have to go through so much pain. Angela had a bird before but it died and she still had its cage. So she put the bird in that cage. She feeds it bird seeds and water. Angela was very nice to the bird she wrapped its sore wing up. The bird seemed like it was getting better.  Angela decided to give the bird a name so she named it Flit. Weeks had passed and the bird was better.

She never wanted to let it be free because she was very scared it might get hurt again. Angela decided one day she was going to let the bird free. When she went down to the beach she had the bird in her hands. When she opened her hands the bird flew free. Angela was very sad to see it go and she was very happy because it was better now.  She thought it was better to let the bird be in the wild than in a cage for the of his life. Angela said goodbye to the bird and left the beach. She never saw the bird again.

Antonia Walsh
Grade: 8
Conne River, NFL

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