The Old Man and The Eagle

There was once this old native man who lived in the woods in a little cabin.  He used to be friends with all the animals in the forest, even the meanest and scariest ones.  There was this one animal he was really close with, it was a really big eagle.  This is how he became friends with an eagle.

One day when the man was in the woods he found a new born eagle.  He took the eagle home, fed it, raised it, and taught it to fly.  The eagle never left the man, except for once.  One day the bird left and never came back for a whole year. When he did come back, the man was so happy to see his long lost friend.  The eagle never came back alone, he had a girl eagle and two baby eagles.

Since the old man loved that eagle so much he let them all stay there and he fed them and looked after them.  Then the happy old man and  the eagles lived a happy life, until one day when the eagles were playing a cruel hunter shot them.  The old man was devastated, so he buried the eagles and chased the cruel hunter away.  Then the old man went back to a community and started a new life.

The End

Sidney Bennett
Grade: 9
Conne River, NFL

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