A Native Love Story

        One day the was a young native woman named Wasuekjij  who was going to get married to a young native man named    Antle. They did everything together like swimming, hunting, and taking walks through the woods. One day while Wasuekjij    was walking through the woods she saw a big piece of woodlike floating in the water, after she saw that she went to see Mother Tree of the forest.

The Mother Tree told her that it was a sailing ship from Europe, they came and try to take our land and our goods. When the boat came ashore and put their anchor down, a white young man got of the ship and said that he was going to explore the land they landed on. On his journey he meat a couple of cute animals and as he was coming to a river he heard a ladies voice talking to someone. But when he got closer she was talking to a raccoon, then all of a sudden when she saw him, she got frighten and tried to dive underwater but he told her not to be a afraid. She asked him his name and he said his name was William.

After spending a couple of days with each other, they started to fall in love with each other, Antle did not know about William because if he did he would probably try and kill him. One day while Wasuekjij and William was walking through the woods, Antle saw them and started to get mad, so he followed them and when they stop he stop, after he saw them kiss he jumped out of the woods and went after William. While Antle and William were fighting Wasuekjij grabbed William's knife and stab Antle right in the heart, after he fell to the ground she was in tears because she killed a person that she really loved.

But when she and her father went into the wigwam to talk, she told her father that she was in love with another man. Her father did get mad but he told her that if she did not want to get married to Antle why didnít she just tell him instead of killing him. When William told Wasuekjij that it was the day he had to leave she asked him if she could go with him and he said if her father lets. As the ship was leaving she wave to her family good-bye and as they were docking she said to William that next winter she and him could go back and see her family.

                         The End

Nikita Drew
Conne River, NFL

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