The Old Man and The Moose

                    Once upon a time there was an old indian man who lived up in the woods. He lived up in the woods all by himself. One day while the man was rocking in his rocking chair a moose came out of the woods and stood up right beside the old manís house. The moose would leave every night and would come back in the morning so the man could. One morning when the man woke up the moose wasnít there. The moose was gone for two weeks and the man cried the whole time. He figured the moose had gotten shot. Then early one morning when the man woke up, he heard a noise outside his door. The man went and got his gun because he thought it was a bear. When the old man looked out his window he saw two moose. He threw his gun down and ran outside to feed the moose. The old man knew that the other moose was her calf. The two moose never left the old man again. One year later the old man died. The moose never left the old manís body for three months. When the moose went out in the woods to get something to eat they got shot.

Mark Joe
Grade: 8
Conne River, NFL

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