Once upon a time there was a village up on a high mountain called mount Freedom. In the village lived a young man named Kankaku. One day while Kankaku was walking through the woods he heard some one crying. As he was following the sound of the crying upon a huge water falls. When he saw who was crying he was disgusted at how unattractive she was he had to fight with himself to go over where she was. When he got over  were she was they started to talk. As they started to talk he realized how much they had in common. Over the years they became very close friends, they shared everything. One day while they gathering berries they both bumped their heads together, and at that  moment they both realized their love for each other. When they got back to the village and pronounced their marriage every one was happy. After they got married they had family their village burned down to ashes family and all by rival tribe.

Michael Joe
Conne River, NFL

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