Once there lived a small brave Mic Mac woman. Ansalewit had the most beautiful long dark brown  hair, and the most remarkable brown eyes. She was the most kind and caring person in the village. Ansalewit was around tapuiskda years old, and she still has not found true love. A lot of native men wanted her, but she really did not love them. Ansalewit always was lonely, and she always turned to the great spirit. There was this man she saw while a group of French men were trading.  She knew that they were never meant to be because it was forbidden to see a man that was not native.  He was everything that she wanted, and she dreamed of him all of her life. She asked the great spirit was it ever meant to be, but she knew it was not. Ansalewit saw this man looking at her, they had only talked once. Their conversation stayed strong in her memory. The young French man had told her that he loved her. Ansalewit told her Nuii who was chief, that they loved each other. Her father was enraged when he heard the news. Ekkian felt very disappointed in his daughter that she would turn her back on the tribe. Ansalewit felt bad that her father felt this way, so she told him that they could not be together.

Many years had passed and now she was married to Lo’li, the best man out of the tribe. She was very unhappy and she thought of the French man every day. Ansalewit could not take it anymore. That night she planned to go to France. She had a young man to bring her to France. She kissed her husband and said, “please understand”.

Ansalewit and Silipay traveled for many months until they reached France. When they reached France, she did not know where to look for him. Silipay said farewell to Ansalewit, and went home. She went into a local shop, and asked do they know anybody who traded with the Mic Mac people. The girl agreed, and she said, “my brother visited the Mic Mac people”. “ Where does he live?” Ansalewit asked. “ I am off work now, so you could follow me”. Ansalewit was ecstatic when they entered through the door, and she saw him at the table. Ansalewit said, “ that’s him!” He jumped up, and they both hugged each other and kissed. She found out that he not be the same since the last time he saw her.

A few years past, and Ansalewit got married to her French man. She returned to her tribe for a visit, and her father was so excited to see her. Lo’li got married to another girl. Ansalewit visited her tribe now and then. Ansalewit now lives in France with her true kesaltultimkewey (love).

Samatha Green
Grade: 9
Conne River, NFL

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