A long time ago there was a girl named Anna. She was growing up in London. For her 14 birthday she was to go to a place called Newfoundland. As described to her by the late John Cabot who was a friend of the family. She was very excited because he said there was a different but friendly group of people living there. Anna could hardly wait until she was out on the ocean and the wind blowing through her long blond hair.

That night she could barely sleep because the next day she would be aboard a ship on the way to a new undiscovered world. She lay awake in her bed wondering what the new culture was like and what adventures she might have in store for herself.

Meanwhile in this new world a man called Antle was hunting for food he was the best hunter of them all. In one hunting trip he killed 4 bear, all which would be used in good care. While he waited for a good shot he thought about his life and what it had in store for him was he to be as everyone expected to be a good hunter who married the Chiefs daughter on which would surely be a loveless marriage because of her stiff way and uncaring manner. But he was the best hunter and with that comes the award of becoming the Chiefs daughters husband. He was awoke from his thoughts when he saw a moose and did not think of them again.

The next morning Anna awoke from her restless sleep bewildered, because in the little sleep she had, she had dreamed of a man of such structure and roughness with dark skin and hair in a world she did not know. She thought about it for a bit but then brushed it off by thinking her imagination of this new world got the best of her.

After breakfast Anna was to go straight to the ship, as she went she said goodbye to all her friends and family. It was a long trip to the boat but when she got there she could not wait to get off on the ocean far away from the civilization and the crime and uncaring it brought with it. As she boarded the boat she met a guy named Charlie he was a young fellow probably a few years older than she with red hair and freckles. He was really cheerful and nice and as he showed her around the ship he used funny imitations of the crew. He at last showed her the room she would be staying in. It was small but quaint and she new she would like it.

When she got settled away she came upstairs they were already pretty far out on the ocean and it was just as she imagined. Many days past and her and Charlie got closer by the end of the trip they were best friends. They would play tricks on the Captain and the crew she got in a lot of trouble with her brother but she did not care what could he do through her overboard. She was having so much fun on the trip she could hardly  notice that they were nearing land. One night she awoke to hear noises from the deck as she climbed the stairs to see what was the matter she heard someone say they hit land at this she could not climb the stairs fast enough. When  she arrived at the top she could hardly believe her eyes land was straight ahead all his time all she saw was ocean and she was so happy to see the land she cried. Charlie who thought that she was hurt rushed to her aid but instead of telling him what was wrong she hugged him and then he understood that she was crying because she was happy.

When she returned to her cabin she new she would not sleep the night so she wrote in her diary about what she saw and how happy she was to be soon on land. So she felt tired and went to bed dreaming of the next day.

On shore Antle was bewildered at this structure coming ashore for it was like nothing he saw before. It was as tall as a hill and as big as a valley. An on it he could hear strange noises coming from this thing. He then went back into the woods thinking about what this thing might be and what it was doing here. He then remembered a few moons ago a thing like the one out on the water had come in and a strange looking man in strange looking clothes had come. He was a nice man who taught them his language and stories he left and they never saw him again maybe this was him coming to see how they were doing  would be proud  of Antle because he still knew the language. At this thought he returned to the village not going to tell a soul of what he had discovered because he wanted to surprise them.

The next day as they were settled on shore Anna asked if Charlie wanted to go looking around but he had work to do so she went off by herself despite the warnings he gave her. As she traveled into the woods she discovered that she did not know were she was and how to get back at this thought she found a rock by the lake and cried for she thought she would not see her family and friends agin. As she cried she heard footsteps and looked up it was the man in her dream at this she got really upset because she thought she was going crazy.

Antle stood there next to this girl in bewilderment she seemed to be different then the girls he knew because she had light hair and skin and was wearing fancy clothes. Then he finally thought about it maybe she was from that thing out in the water last night and was a friend of Johns. If she was lost and needed to be brought back to the shore he would be a hero and he surely would get rewarded. So he decided to talk to her and see if she needed help. As he spoke to her she seemed relived and less scared as before and soon they were in the way back to her, as she called it, ship.

The next day when she awoke she got a lecture from both her brother and Charlie. The lecture with Charlie was most frustrating. For he had called her a child and a stupid one at that. She got really mad at him because he was just a few older than she and here he was treating her like a bad child. She felt like screaming her head off at him. She would expect this from her brother but not from her new found best friend Charlie. For he had been the one she would run to when her brother would call her a child and treat her with no respect and now he was doing the same. Anna got so frustrated that she had to leave. She had to get away , away from all the screaming and away from who she thought she would never hate ,Charlie, but he seemed to prove her wrong. As these thoughts poured into her head she remembered that with her brother and ex- best friend mad at her she had no one. She was in a new world with lots of new experiences but she was all alone. She had no one to talk to, to share her emotions with no one to be there when she fell and then this beautiful world seemed to turn into a hatred, ugly, place.

As this was going on, back at the ship Charlie and her brother were trying to figure out what could have gotten into Anna for going into the woods alone for all they John could have been telling the truth about a culture in these woods, as friendly as John made them sound they thought that no culture of any kind could be nice and friendly, and if Anna caught up with this culture they thought that she would surely be killed.

As Anna got deeper into the woods she even felt more alone. She was tiered, hungry, and grumpy. She sat down by a small stream and drank from it enjoying the way the fresh cold water felt as she swallowed it. As she drank she noticed a dark shadow over her shoulder as she rose to see who it was it grabbed her from behind and started talking in a strange language. As she tried to understand the figure throw her over his shoulder and took off with her. Anna screamed and screamed but she knew her cries would go unheard because nobody knew where she was to and who she was with.

Anna was on the guy's back which what felt like hours. Finally he stopped running. Any one who heard this story would think she was not strong but in fact she tried to get away but she could not. When they stopped running they ended up in a village. It was a small settlement with only a few shelters. He finally let her down but he did not let her go. He held her so tightly she could barely breathe. He led her into a small lodge, in this lodge there was a group of people. The people stared at here as if she was a alien. They talked the same way the man talked that saved her, but they could not be the same people for he was so kind and knew her language and these people were mean and probably did not know a syllable of it. With this she got very frustrated because these people were looking at her like she had two heads. Then a large man came from behind he was a about two feet taller than she and really mean looking. He took her to another lodge tied her up and left her there alone.

She was so scared that she started to cry for she knew she would probably not get out of there alive. Then the door opened and in came the man that saved her the first day. He looked at her surprisingly and then left her there alone again. After about a hour the man who saved her came back he had a worried look on his face he looked just as scared as she felt. He finally told her what was going on. He told her that the guy who brought her to this village thought she was a intruder on there land and for that a person must die. After he said this he left. She felt so scared and all alone for she was right she would die in this strange world alone.

Back at the ship it was becoming nightfall and Anna was not back. She had been gone for hours and nobody had seen her. Charlie was just about to go looking for her alone or not when a Indian arrived he had long black hair and dark skin. He could speak their language and told them about how Anna got home and how she was in trouble. Charlie than asked where is this village he told him if they went they would all die and not to go for if she got free no one could take her home. He then told them that he would get her and bring her back alive. He than set off.

Back at the village the towns people were getting ready for the ceremony of the wedding between Antle and the Chiefs daughter. Everyone was waiting for the groom to arrive but he did not. After an hour of waiting they went to look for him. They looked everywhere but could not find him. At last they decided to check the lodge where the strange girl was. This was the last place they thought they would find him but thy were wrong. There he was sitting on the floor talking to the girl as if they were friends. At the sight of the guards he took Anna upon his shoulder and rushed out of the lodge faster than he ever ran before. After a while they stoped.

They had stopped by the river where they first met. She knew this was the place because it was exactly the same even from an upside down view. He finally let her down from his back. As she regained her balance she thought of their conversation back at the lodge. He told her his name and to trust him and that he would get her back to the ship at any cost. She now knew the cost for disobeying orders you would be put to death. He had risked his life for her and she could never repay him. He was the first to speak and told her to run to the boat as fast as she could. Before she left she asked him why he risked his life for her, he than told her he was in love with her and he would do anything for her. She could not leave him in the woods alone and left to be murdered by his own people. But he then told her to go and so she did leaving him behind.

As soon as she got to the ship they took off leaving the one person who she really cared about left to die. The trip back was long and hard and just a day before they would land in England there was a terrible storm which took the lives of all aboard that ship and took the love of two lovers with it.

Severn Jeddore
Grade: 8
Conne River, NFL

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