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Information and Activity Plan 2000 - 2001

The following plan was endorsed by the Atlantic Policy of First Nations Chiefs at their June 14-15, 2000 meeting in Prince Edward Island. We sincerely appreciate all of the input and thought that helped to form our plan for the next year.

We believe that the program got off to a good start in 2000. We also believe that the greater the sense of ownership among the grassroots people using the Help Desk, the greater its success will be.

Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk will strive to accomplish the following:

  1. Establish Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk Advisory Committee and seek input and guidance from the committee.

  3. Continue to respond to requests for help from Atlantic First Nations Schools

    1. maintain telephone help line: (toll free) 1-877-484-7606
    2. continue e-mail support (admin@firstnationhelp.com & support@firstnationhelp.com)

  5. Continue to utilize contests and internet web site, firstnationhelp.com to encourage and promote educational computer use among Native youth.

    1. Conduct monthly contests to run parallel with school year.

    2. Progress to date: From December 1999 to June 2000 there were six contests, four class and two individual. Participation has come from NB, NS, PEI, and NFLD. Click on the "Contests" button of our web page, firstnationhelp.com for full details.
    3. Integrate more fully and seamlessly the services offered by Industry Canada and SchoolNet into the array of services offered by Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk.

    5. Support and monitor discussion groups where ideas and solutions can be exchanged among the users.

    6. Progress to date: Now there is a forum where educators and students can post "bulletin board" types of correspondence to share thoughts, ideas, and resources. Click on the “Discussion groups” button to see how it works and what has been entered so far.
    7. Develop and expand on-line database of fixes and solutions.

    8. Progress to date: Click on "Fixes and upgrades" on web page.

      Goal: Have the on-line database of fixes and solutions up and available by the beginning of the 2000-2001 school year. To date, only the Olivetti upgrade and YK2 problem has been listed.

  7. Establish and test remote administration of at least one member's satellite computer system to provide more direct support where qualified in-house staff are not available (i.e. PCAnywhere).

  9. Work with communities to develop policies related to showing pictures of children on the internet, internet filtering software, and virus protection software

  11. Promotional Activities

    1. Create strategies for effectively reaching each of the following target groups:
    2. Design a pamphlet.

    4. Design a poster.

  13. Visit each First Nation SchoolNet site during autumn in "travelling road show" to promote activities and awareness.

    1. evaluate sites - obtain inventory of IT resources

    3. hold information sessions
    4. install PCAnywhere, if requested

    6. explore alternatives to DirectPC in well-connected communities

    8. identify key school and community contacts

    10. assess web page interest for future contacts
  15. Seek more ownership of the project at the grass roots level including:

    1. work closely with Advisory Committee
    2. seek more involvement from educators and parents in developing contests, judging, and using the discussion groups

    4. seek enhanced participation from students

    6. work with advisory committee toward the goal of effectively utilizing new technological capabilities and integrating them into on-going and new educational initiatives

  17. Infrastructure, Research and Development

    1. complete the following upgrades to web server firstnationhelp.com
    2. develop desktop video capabilities with video, sound, and titles

    4. upgrade web page design capabilities to include more "flash and pizzaz" via java script, animated gif's and other means to make the pages more appealing to youth.

    6. explore the possibility of adding sound files to materials developed by the Centre of Excellence, and making them available on our web pages

    8. explore the possibility of linking to other language initiatives that may be underway

    10. develop funding proposals designed to build upon new technological capabilities
  19. Respond to Industry Canada opportunities to engage in SchoolNet related activities, thereby generating more income toward self-sustainability.

    1. contract with Industry Canada to inform Atlantic First Nation communities without schools of pre-cap (community access program) grants

    3. contract with Industry Canada to assist in the distribution and support of DirecPC satellite systems (replacing Olivetti computers).

  21. Provide reporting structure (including appropriate year-end reports) to: