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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role models are my Mom and my grand dad.  Their names are Tonia and Maxim Sylliboy.  The reason I picked them is because I think they are heroes.  They are heroes because they saved two lives in 1999.  Two kids were drowning at Beach Road and my Mom, grand dad, and Anastacia jumped in to save them.  They got caught in the current and my grand dad and Anastacia drowned. Even though my granddad is gone I will always remember how brave he was.  Anastacia, my Mom, and my granddad will receive medals of bravery in a few weeks.  I will always remember my granddad in my heart and I only wish that he was around to see how many people miss him.  I will always try to do good in my life just like my granddad did in his life.

Entry E-1
Tony Sylliboy
Eskasoni, NS
Grade 5

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