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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

   There is a person in my life who I admire greatly, he is a strong influence for me, his name is Barry Francis and he is my father.

   My dad coaches our school hockey team. He tells me to do my best, he encourages our team. Our team has had three tournament wins due to my dad's coaching skills.

  My dad has had several jobs. He worked at the band office. He was a fireman and had his own pizza business. Right now, he is a fisherman, he fishes from 6:00a.m.to 5:30p.m. After a long day he still has time to ask about our day.

  My dad went to St. Mary's University in Halifax. My dad inspires me to be a much better person. He helps me with my school work. He gives me a lot of encouragement and support.

  My father wants me to respect my family and friends. He tells me to be proud of my accomplishments. He wants me to do my best.

   In everything I do, he supports me. He is kind to me. My dad is a fantastic person.

Entry E-10
Garret Francis
Pictou Landing,NS
Grade 6

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