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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

 My mother, Sheila Francis is my role model for many reasons.

My mom went to St F.X. University so she could be a teacher in our community. My mom had our oldest brother two weeks after college graduation.

I am proud of my mom because she is a good mother.  She puts all her energy into being a good mother.  She takes just  me to town so we can have mother/daughter time.

She takes good care of me when I am sick. My mom takes me to new places so I can learn about new places and things. She takes me to Pow Wows so I can learn more about my culture. She wants me to be a polite person and always wants me to do my best.

My mom has had interesting jobs.  Now she is a Mi'kmaq teacher in our school so the elementary kids can learn Mi'kmaq and keep our language alive. She also taught in Frank H. MacDonald school and she has worked in a bank.

She is smart, very smart.  My mom always wants to keep educating herself. Last year she took a course in Truro so she could be a Reading Recovery teacher. My mom is beautiful to me.  She is my role model because she had accomplished many things as a mother and a teacher

Entry E-2
Jordon Francis
Pictou Landing, NS
Grade 4

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