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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

I think my father Jay Marshall is a good role model. My father is a good role model because he taught me how to skate and play hockey. He takes me places and goes on rides with me.  My father is someone I could look up to and heís someone I count on and he always is there for me when I need him and he takes care of me. My Dad works at the Unamaíki Tribal Police. His job is important because when something happens he is there to help people and makes sure everyone follows the rules and stays safe. When something happens in our community my Dad helps cool people down and he controls the traffic so it doesnít get crazy. He helps his co-workers by giving them guidance and supervision to be better police officers. I want to be like him because when something happens, they call him and depend on him. Thatís why I picked him.

Entry E-22
Caroline Bernard
Eskasoni, NS
Grade 6

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