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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role model is my brother Roger. When I was one he used to kiss me, hug me, look in the mirror with me and say we're the coolest "bro" and were going to get all the girl's in the world. He was only sixteen years old.

We lived in the city of New York. He was good to our mother and he helped her around the apartment. My mom owned a store not to far from were we lived. My mom always took me to the store and shut it down but one night my brother said you look tired mom stay home with the baby.

He went to shut down the store and when he got there three men on drug's shot him in the face with an uzi. I loved him very much and I wish he was still with us but he's not but till this day he's my role model. He kinda saved our lives that would of been me and my mom so he's my role model and I canít wait to see him in heaven.

Entry E-5
Darian Martnez
EelGround, NB
Grade 5

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