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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

This is a story about my idol.  Well my Idol is my Aunt Susan Ginnish.  Susan is like my best friend . She had a little girl but she died.  She was only 2 years old.  The reason that she is my idol is when Emma died she was strong and went on with life.

When I'm down in the dumps I go see her.  She will made me laugh.

When I first met Susan I was shy.  When one day out of the blue I was talking to her.  Then I never stop talking to her.  At that time she was living in my old house.  But I got a new house.

Her and my uncle got married.  My uncle name is Les Ginnish; he is my mom brother.

Some of the the things that she help me do was is that she would help study for a test. I can tell her thing that I can't tell no one else and she will not tell.  Not a soul not even Les.

She does help me all the time I help her to with cooking and dishes cleaning and sit and watching T.V with her.

 I wish Emma did not died because she good with kids . So that is my idol Susan.G.

Entry E-6
Maxine Ginnish
EelGround, NB
Grade 6

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