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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

Janis Walker!

She is a Horton First Nation Band Member;
A Band Manager;
A Band Councillor;
My Aunt;
My friend and my role model.

I have always looked up to my Aunt Janis. She has so much knowledge. For a time she was the National leader for the Native Women. She involved me in as many meetings and Native Women issues as she could. This has made it easier for me at school, because where I go to school there is only a few natives that attend and they sometimes ask me questions about Natives and Aunt Janis always gives me the right answer.

Aunt Janis is very proud to be a Mi'kmaq and this made me proud of who I am. Her knowledge goes beyond Native issues and she gets along with people of all ages.

She can laugh, tell a joke, be so kind and yet so strong. She can be humble, but always has dignity.

Janis Walker influenced my life. Her knowledge has given me opportunities that I wouldn't even have known about.

I would like to be like her some day.

Entry H-8
Julia Pineo
Horton, NS
Grade 10

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