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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

Well... I have chosen my mom for my role model.

My mother is a single parent. In our house there are seven of us living there, My mom is always there when we need her.

My mom is a cool mom, when one of us are late, she knocks down one hour off our curfew. When we need her for help with our homework, she is there to help us or whatever. She cares about all of us. She can act like a teen or a kid, to make us laugh.

My mother put my family and me in this world. She puts shelter over us, feeds us and puts clothes on us. Sometimes, when we want something, she will go to buy us it, things like pop.

I think she misses my father BIG TIME! My father died last year.

When my sister Bernadette was in Waycobah pagent, my mom was there to help her out. When I was in the the same pagent as Bernadette was, my mom was there to help me out too.

Now, my mother is a grandmother and getting older, but in her mind, she will think that she is one of us kids.

Now my mom is still cool and will always be in my life. I love her so very much. she still makes us laugh. My mom, my nephew and I will go walking, we have our special times and I will always remember. Our family loves her very much.

That's my mom, Madeline Michael.

Entry H-9
Bernice Michael
Waycobah, NS
Grade 10

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