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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

I have more than one role model. My role models are the girls in my class. I think that they are as beautiful as Goddesses, and I wish that I was as beautiful as they are. They are nice and caring and they donít always care about themselves. I think the world over them because they chose me to be their friend. God never blessed me with beauty and a perfect body and I accept that, but the girls in my class do have these things. I may not be popular but when they talk to me and hang around with me I feel like the most lucky person alive because I know such wonderful people. They helped me feel better when I am down and they reassure me that everything would be okay and that I am as pretty as they are. They taught me to not always mope around and to stop feeling sorry for myself and to think of positive things instead of negative things. They made me realize that I was not the only one with problems and they are not all that perfect that I thought they were. To me they will always be my friends and I will always be there for them like they were for me.

Entry J-13
Amanda Hinks
Conne River, NFL
Grade 9

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