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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

John N. Jeddore is my grandad . He taught my dad and I how to eel hunt and fish. Once he was acting Chief and he has served as a Band councilor several times. He is also a business man.  He has a grocery store, a school bus line and sells gas.  Grandad is also an elder in the community.  He is one of few people who can still speak the Mi’kmaq language. He recorded the Lord’s Prayer in the Micmac language with the Se’t A’ nnewey Mi’kmaq choir on their current compact disc recording.

Grandad still hunts for his moose, caribou and bear although he is nearly eighty years old.  He goes in the country by quad, argo, skidoo and by foot. He also takes time to record his life stories (on his personal computer) for future generations so they will not be forgotten.  He has written articles for different newspapers throughout the years.

Grandad believes in the community.  He also served in the army in world war 2 over seas.  He is a  Justice of the Peace and says the rosary at peoples wakes.  He also enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time. Granddad is one of the hardest working men I know.

I admire grandad because all of his experience and stories . He is an survivor of TB and had cancer lately. Grandad is also the strongest man I know and nothing can stop him.

Entry J-24
Michael Hoskins
Conne River, NFL
Grade 7

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