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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role model is my grandfather, but I consider him like my father because he treats me the best of all my relatives and he taught me a great deal of stuff, like hunting, fishing and how to use a gun.  He also taught me how to use a motor boat when I was younger and take the fish out of the net and he taught me where to hunt.  I was with him all my life, when he needs company, like when he goes to Baddeck, Sydney or Port Hawkesbury or anywhere else.  I am always with him and we always talk about hunting, and the old times when he was younger and I tell him about my stuff.

We always watch boxing when the best boxers fight.  I am always right because we always brag when my favorite boxer knocks out the other guy.  I told him Roy James is the best fighter in the world and James has the most belts, but he is the thrid best of all time.  We always play cribbage together, ever since I was 9 years old.  We play everyday, most times after school and sometimes we play for money.

Entry J-28
Emerson Peck
Wagmatcook, NS
Grade 9

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