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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role model is my mother, because she brought me into this world and took care of me ever since then as she did with my brothers and sisters. My mother is very kind to me, my brothers, my sisters, her grandchildren, her nieces, nephews, my aunts, uncles and my grandparents and my dad. Well the truth is, she is kind to all my family and the people she cares about. My mother is a good parent, as is my Father. My mother kept us well fed, clean and put cloths on our backs when we were babies, now she just makes sure that we're fed and that we have clothes on our backs, but we keep ourselves clean.

My mother's name is Mary Jane Jeddore. I learned to cook from her when I was ten years old, this is one of the things she help me with in life. My mother lets me have an earring but forbid me to have a nose ring, this was something I wanted but it doesn't bother me at least I have an earring. I admire my mother because of how kind she is to me and others. She also helps my grandmother around their home, such as cleaning up the house for them: She also helped them paint the house and rooms for them. She gives us money to buy supplies and other things we need when we're in town.

My mother always tells us where she goes, just in case we need her, just to make sure that we know where she is. My mother is true to herself, because she loves herself and her family and friends. She has three brothers and six sisters, sadly two of them passed away when they were at a young age. She also helped my father, aunt, and my cousin Skyler, when my uncle died this summer, to get through with this experience for the loss of a loved one.

She also has spoken with me and my brothers and sisters about the danger of drinking and doing drugs, she told me if I drank as a parent, my children could be taken away from me, your problems could happen such as abuse to wife and child abuse and that drinking will only cause more problems, like being unemployed, She doesn't want me or my brothers or sister or grandchildren to be using drugs or drink. These are the reasons why my mother is my role model. My mother can be a role model for anyone, not just me. My mother is proud of me especially because I speak Mi'kmaq well.

Entry J-9
Paul Michael Jeddore
Eskasoni, NS
Grade 8

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