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Credits, Copyrights, & Background

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk's Aboriginal Language Initiative was made possible with funding from Heritage Canada administered by the Assembly of First Nations. Our purpose is to help revitalize and promote the use of aboriginal languages among our people.

Thanks to the many people who have helped us, especially:

Contributing Linguists:
Bernie Francis
Murdena Marshall
Patsy Paul-Martin
Pauline Bernard

Centre of Excellence :
April Julian
Mary Rose Julian
Helen Sylliboy

Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs Secretariat :
Norah Ward
Simon Osmond

Art Stevens
Vanessa Toney
Alice Francis
Melody Martin
Laura Bernard
J.R. Isadore

Photo and quillwork of box pictured on the dictionary form provided by:
Carola Knockwood

Photos in title graphics courtesy of:
The Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection of the Nova Scotia Museum
Learning Resources and Technology of the Nova Scotia Department of Education

Copyright notices:
Mi'kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers © 1995 David L. Schmidt and Murdena Marshall
Ke Kinu'tmui Ta'n Teli Lnui'simk, Kiju © 2001 Patsy Paul-Martin.
The Covenant Chain of Treaties © 2000 Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat
Wiklatmu'j © 1999 Centre of Excellence
Waltesey A'tukwaqn © 2000 Centre of Excellence
Wowkwis aqq Ka'qaquj © 1999 Centre of Excellence

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