Mi'kmaq Months of the Year
Kesikewiku's Winter month Winter month DECEMBER Keptekewiku's Frost month Frost month NOVEMBER Wikewiku's Animal fattening time Animal fattening time OCTOBER Wikumkewikus Mate calling time Mate calling time SEPTEMBER Kisikwekewiku's Ripening time Ripening time AUGUST Peskewiku's Animal fur thickens time Animal fur thickens time JULY Nipniku's Leaves are budding time Leaves are budding time JUNE Etquljuiku's Frog croaking time Frog croaking time MAY Penatmuiku's Egg hatching time Egg hatching time APRIL Siewkesiku's Forerunner of Spring Forerunner of Spring MARCH Apuknajit Snow blinding month Snow blinding month FEBRUARY Penamujuiku's Frost fish runs Frost fish runs JANUARY Smith/Francis Orthography Produced for Patsy Paul-Martin, Millbrook First Nation by Eastern Woodland Publishing, Truro, NS (902) 895-2038 Prepared for the web by Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk Mi'kmaq Months of the Year