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April Contest - "Our Culture ... Our Images"

Some say that we look at the world differently than others ...

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words ....

young powwow dancer in regalia
April Contest
Submit an original image (a photograph, drawing, or painting) that depicts Native culture and its people. Entries will be judged on originality, beauty, and how well Native culture is represented.
Deadline April 28, 2000
Eligibility Entries must be from students in First Nation schools or from Native students in provincial schools.
Prizes High School $100.00
Junior High $ 75.00 
Elementary $ 50.00

Honourable mention winners will receive a tee shirt with the Help Desk logo.
(All prizes go directly to the students)

Submit to: Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com

Entries may be submitted in the following ways (in order of preference by the staff):

  1. Send an e-mail with attachment (or, if that is not possible...)
  2. Send the original by mail. We will scan the image, return the original, and put the image on the internet
Note: If you are worried about meeting the deadline, a faxed version of the image will be deemed to have met the deadline as long as the original image is mailed before the deadline. Staff can be contacted toll free at 1-877-484-7606. Fax: (902) 567-0337

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
115 Membertou Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2M9

Of course... Decisions of the judges and awards will be final. Ownership will be retained by the artist/photographer. However, Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk will be entitled to use the images on web pages and promotional materials. 

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