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Web Pages! April 2001 Contest

Web Pages: Communications 2001!

Create a school or class web page!

Web pages can turn students from mere consumers of information into content producers. Highlight students' art, stories, and accomplishments. Tell your school's story to the world!

Don't be left behind!
Get on the information superhighway!

Monday April 30, 2001
Entries must be from First Nation schools or classes in Atlantic Canada.
Prizes Prizes include:
  • a scanner for the winning school or class (or prize of equivalent value)
    and a pizza party for the winning participants.
Separate awards are available for elementary, junior high, and high school categories.
Submit to Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com

115 Membertou Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2M9
Phone (toll free): 1-877-484-7606, fax: 902 567-0337

Rules Submit your web address by the deadline. The Help Desk will provide web space free of charge to First Nation Schools in the Atlantic Provinces. Web pages not used previously in Help Desk contests are eligible.

Entries will be judged impartially by a Help Desk committee. (In this case, it will be impossible to keep entries anonymous!)

Resources The Help Desk will supply free web space to participating First Nation Schools in the Atlantic provinces. The resulting URL will be: http://firstnationhelp.com/yourschool. Web pages may be hosted anywhere... all are eligible for the contest!

Requests for web space should be made by April 20 to allow necessary set-up time.

A Help Desk web page process planning guide is available on-line.
SchoolNet will pay schools $600 for new or existing web sites!