Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk

 Domain contest
Congratulations to the Eskasoni Elementary and Junior High School class 6-A for submitting the winning domain name for our internet address. 

As a class brain-storming exercise, they came up with the winning entry,

Logo contest
Congratulations to Mandy Googoo of the Wagmatcook School for submitting the winning entry in the logo contest. 

Mandy's sense of design and porportion, along with an appreciation for her culture, have led her to create a logo we will be proud to use on our web pages and printed materials. Many thanks! 

We look forward to seeing your pictures!

The students' schools (Wagmatcook and Eskasoni Elementary and Junior High) have received digital cameras from the inaugural Help Desk Contests. Official Presentation were made in Wagmatcook on Thursday, February 3, 2000 and in Eskasoni on February 4th.

Many thanks to all of the participants from the staff, schools, and individuals associated with the Help Desk!  We look forward to seeing exciting new web pages an other applications from their new cameras.

Logo Entries

Congratulations to all of those who entered Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk Logo Contest.

Jordan Bernard
Waycobah Elementry
Harrison Paul
Waycobah Elementry
Justin Googoo
Waycobah Elementry
Carrie-Anne Michael
Waycobah Elementry
Mattio Googoo
Waycobah Elementry
Laura Nicholas 
Waycobah Elementry
Michael Young
Waycobah Elementary
The Spirit Keeper
Waycobah Elementary
Mandy Googoo 
Wagmatcook School
Matthew Lewis
Waycobah Elementary
Charles Googoo
Name not available at this time
Tiffany Gould
Waycobah Elementary