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Cultural Crafts Winning Entries

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Elementary Junior High High School
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The top is for the eagle claw. Beads sound like bells rattling. Fur reminds me of a rabbit. The star stands for peace.

Fallon Stevens
Grade 4 Waycobah Elementary

Sherilyn Paul

Membertou First Nation
Sherwood Park Education Centre

Sheena Johnson

Eskasoni High School


Honourable Mention Winners
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It is cool. It has all the Mi’kmaq colors. It is my favorite. It has the bells, for the church.

Dominique Paul
Grade 4  Waycobah

The two feathers are for the eagle. It feels good to hold. It is very colorful.

Natasha Prosper
Grade 3  Waycobah

The circle stands for my hoop dancing. Also life goes around in a circle. Colors look cool. Bells mean its time to dance. I will use it at Powwows.

Gordon Julian
Grade 4  Waycobah

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Three feathers stand for my sisters.   Wood is little bit bare to show its natural design.

Evan Toney
Grade 4  Waycobah

Black fur for bear hunting. I will take it to Mala for a Talking Circle. I picked a straight stick because its easier to decorate.
Levi Poulette
Grade 4  Waycobah

The top is for the eagle, black and white. The white is for the white rabbit in winter.

Heather Francis
Grade 3 Waycobah

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My feathers match and the bells stand for music.

Trya Denny
Grade 3 Waycobah

Gray is my favorite color. I like big things. The black is for the panther and the bells are for the church.

Cayla Gould
Grade 3  Waycobah

I found it in the woods. It is a Talking Stick. The natural patterns remind me of playing hockey with my friends.

Jesse Googoo
Grade 3  Waycobah

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Eagles flap their wings twice then soar.

April Paul
Grade 3  Waycobah

I like my stick. I had fun making it. I will use it at the Powwow.

Jenna Poulette
Grade 3  Waycobah

The two red colors remind me of deer antlers. Two eyes on bottom.

Ashton Peck
Grade 3  Waycobah

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Emma Lewis
Grade 6  Waycobah

Lorraine Marshal
Grade 6  Waycobah

Tyson Googoo
Grade 6  Entry e-15
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Mattio Googoo
Grade 6  Waycobah
Whitney Gould
Grade 6  Waycobah
Cindy Bernard
Grade 6  Waycobah
craft-k.jpg (56242 bytes)

K-5 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

craft-1.jpg (50552 bytes)

Grade 1 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

craft-2.jpg (42663 bytes)

Grade 2 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

craft-3.jpg (34396 bytes)

Grade 3 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

craft-4.jpg (37827 bytes)

Grade 4 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

craft-5.jpg (56038 bytes)

Grade 5 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

Education involves more than words. We learn about ourselves and our culture by learning about our crafts. craft-6.jpg (50492 bytes)

Grade 6 Wejgwapniag School
Gesgapiag, QC

Congratulations to all who entered!
Thank you for sharing! You honour your culture and your elders with such fine craftsmanship and pride!

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