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Joseph W. Francis - World War II - 1944 Joseph W. Francis, 1944

Honouring Our Warriors

Has an elder ever told you a war story? Has (s)he ever explained an ancient battle that your ancestors fought?

Well, here is your chance to share those stories with your people!

Mi'kmaw Heiroglyphic for Sma'knis - Warrior (Click to hear it spoken)
Thursday, November 15, 2001
Eligibility Entries may be from students in First Nation schools or from Native students in provincial schools.
Prizes High School $ 75, Junior High $ 75
Upper Elementary (Grade 4 - 6)$ 50
Early Elementary (K - Grade 3) $ 50

Honourable Mention winners will also receive a copy of "Wli Nuelewi: Mi'kmaw Christmas Music" CD. All participants will be recognized with a certificate and their entries will be published on the internet.

Submit to Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com

47 Maillard Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2P5
Phone (toll free): 1-877-484-7606 or 567-0842, Fax: 902 567-0337

Rules Write a story or a poem about Natives who have experienced a war or battle (or are away now). The story may be interesting to the general public because the important contributions of Native Sma'knisk (warriors) are not widely recognized.

Young students may submit drawings or other media suitable for Veteran's Day activities.

All entries will be posted on the internet, anonymously at first, and then the students will be identified following the judging. Decisions of the judges are final.

Resources An online resource to help you get started:
Native Soldiers - Veteran's Affairs Canada

The poem, "Sma'knis", was written by someone who experienced war, Will Basque.
Click on the link to see it!

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