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October's Contest: Community Profile

Arial view of Lennox Island, PEI Telling the story of a community is an ambitious project. First, there is demographic information to find, such as population and location. What are the important buildings and businesses? The school, certainly, is an important part of the community. How is it organized?

There are issues of governance. Who are the Chief and Council, and how are they elected? What are the major portfolios within the Band administration, such as health, economic development, and social development? Who is responsible for policing, fire, water, and garbage services?

A community is, by definition, a collection of people. Who are some of the notable people? Does the community hold a powwow or other celebrations? What were some historical events of the past that still have an impact today?

Design and conduct a school project to create a community profile.
Deadline October 31, 2000
Eligibility Entries must be from First Nation schools.
Prizes Prizes include:
  1. a scanner for the winning schools (or prize of equivalent value)
  2. a pizza party for the winning class
Prize ownership will pass to the school (rather than to any individual).
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Of course... Decisions of the judges and awards will be final.
for Teachers
Canada's SchoolNet Grassroots program is offering incentives to schools who complete information technology projects. A project like this, with teacher collaboration and a web page would be eligible for $600 - $5,500. Lee Sanifas, Native coordinator for the program, wants to fund projects and will walk you through the process. (Tel: 819 772-2331/fax: 819 772-1826)

The Help Desk will provide assistance in designing and housing web pages if needed.