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All Contests & Activities

Month Contest Winners/Entries
Nov/Dec 2006 Dear Elders It could be you!
Sep. 2006 What About Us?  
2005/2006 School Year
May 2006 Honouring Mother, Grandmother, and Other Special Women Caroline Bernard
Apr. 2006 Earth Day Videoconference  
Mar. 2006 Health Careers & Virtual Health Fair  
Feb. 2006 Keslalul/Ksiyaqso Sheridan, Bria, Kymber & Melissa
Jan. 2006 Digital Photo Contest Kendra, Madeline, Dayna & Athena
Dec. 2005 3 Minute Film Festival Everyone!
Nov. 2005 Honouring Elders Video highlights to come
Sep. 2005 Resume of the Future Pictou Landing Grades 1 & 2, Wulastukw Elementary Grades 1 & 2, Destiny & Carmen
2004/2005 School Year
Mar. 2005 Reach Out & Connect  
Feb. 2005 Kesalul, Ksiyaqsu Karlee, Amber, Paula, Samantha, Ashley & Wulastukw Elementary Grades 1 & 2
Jan. 2005 Collaborative Learning Video highlights to come
Dec. 2004 The Spirit of Giving No Entries
Nov. 2004 School and Community Presentations Video highlights to come
Oct. 2004 Halloween Horrors Trish, Brook, Megan & Carmen
Sept. 2004 Art for Art's Sake! Kyla, Zachary & Jacob
2003/2004 School Year
April 2004 Easter Egg Decorating Tiffany, Lucida, Randy, Nyanza, Ricky, Katerina, Zachary, Frances & Monica
Feb.- Mar. 2004 Education & Technology Melanie, Kamden, Yona & Hilarie; Indian Head First Nations Youth Group
Jan. 2004 Favourite Websites Russell, Dee, Carmen, Angie, Jill, Celeste, Shandra, Susan, CJ, Carolyn & Arnold
Dec. 2003 Spirit of Giving EVERYBODY!
Nov. 2003 Honouring Our Elders Cole, Dustin, Luke, Ian & Rosalie
Oct. 2003 Halloween Horrors Lucinda, Kateri, Thomas, Kyle & Dianisia
Sept. 2003 Art for Art's Sake Zachary, Thomas, Whitney & John
2002/2003 School Year
May 2003 Kite Creations Tyra, Lindsey, Killa & Sarah
Apr. - May 2003 IT Week EVERYBODY!
Apr. 2003 Easter Egg Decorating Sasha, Becca, Jeremiah, Bradley & Jesse
Mar. 2003 Rube Goldberg Machines No Entries
Feb. 2003 Kesalul, Ksiyaqsu Sasha, Caitlyn, Bailey, Paulina, Tamara & Doreen
Jan. 2003 Non-Trivial Pursuit Erica Ward, Semisel Stevens
Dec. 2002 Spirit of Giving Eel Ground
Nov. 2002 Maqamikew: Mother Earth Waycobah Elementary
Oct. 2002 Halloween: Native Stories of the Supernatural Colin, Paige & Killa
May - Sept. 2002 Family Trees Listuguj and Big Cove
2001/2002 School Year
Apr. 2002 Virtual Music Festival Wulastukw, Miawpukek, Metepenagiag, Eskasoni
Mar. 2002 Spiritual Journeys Desiree, Colin, Breanne, Erica, Jesse, Zabrina & Erin
Feb. 2002 Kesalul, Ksiyaqsu Andrew, Paulina, Nikhea, Keith, Angie & Naomi
Jan. 2002 Snow/Ice Sculpture Edna, Tobias, Matthew & Seth
Dec. 2001 The Spirit Of Giving Waycobah, Membertou, Wagmatcook
Nov. 2001 Honouring Our Warriors Jesse Googoo & Stephanie Stride
Sept-Oct 2001 Powwow Memories Eskasoni, Conne River, Indian Brook
2000/2001 School Year
May 2001 Cultural Crafts Waycobah, Membertou, Eskasoni
Apr. 2001 Web Pages! Eskasoni / Eel Ground
Mar. 2001 Maps Indian Brook School
Feb. 2001 Dear Valentine . . . Misty, Zabrina, Gabriel
Jan. 2001 Internet Scavenger Hunt Mah Sos School of Tobique, NB
Dec. 2000 Christmas Music Eskasoni Elementary School, NS
Nov. 2000 Christmas Art Charlene, Danielle & Marion
Oct. 2000 Community Profile Waycobah & Membertou School
Sep. 2000 Role Models Tony, Amanda & Julia
1999/2000 School Year
May 2000 IT Detectives & Dreamers Metepenagiag School
Apr. 2000 Our Culture... Our Images Darcy, Carrie & James
Mar. 2000 Time Capsule Wagmatcook School
Feb. 2000 Great Native Love Stories Kathleen, Trishia & Myste
Jan. 2000 Logo Contest Mandy Googoo, Wagmatcook
Dec. 1999 Domain Name Contest Eskasoni Class 6-A


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