Internet Scavenger Hunt Questions

Congratulations to the Mah Sos School of Tobique First Nation
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Congratulations Mah Sos!

Anyone interested in becoming a savy knowledge worker
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The Hunt!

  1. Have someone sign the guestbook identifying themselves as being from your school.
    You'll have to just go to the guest book... it changes all the time!
  2. Which class won the contest to name Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk web domain name?
    Eskasoni 6-A (in January, 2000)
  3. Who designed the Help Desk logo?
    Mandy Googoo, Wagmatcook, NS
  4. Which two flags did the Wagmatcookewey school choose to put in their time capsule?
    The Grand Council Flag and Mi'kmaq Nation Flag
  5. For thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers, the Mi'kmaq called themselves L'nu'k.
    What does L'nu'k mean?
    L'nu'k means 'the people,' 'human beings.' Their present name, Mi'kmaq, derives from nikmaq, meaning 'my kin-friends.
  6. What does the word "Wampum" mean in the Maliseet language?
    In Maliseet, it is known as wapap (WAHB-ahb); literally "white string", referring to the white beads.
  7. Who is Glooscap?
    Glooscap (GLOOS-kahb), a relative of all Maliseets and Micmacs, who made the land ready for the peoples that came to live there. He then shot arrows into birch (or ash) trees, splitting the bark open, and men and women emerged to assume their rightful place among the forests and waterways, the animals and plants, and the multitude of other beings they found there.
  8. What is the February 2001 Help Desk contest likely to be?
    Dear Valentine...
  9. What is the home page of The Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat Inc.?

  10. What is the home page of Aboriginal Youth Network?

  11. Go to and tell us what notable personality created the project?
    Buffy Sainte-Marie
  12. List a web site where you can find information about First Nation's scholarships and/or bursaries available in Canada.,
  13. What is the home web page of Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey?

  14. What is the web address of "First Peoples on SchoolNet"?
  15. Where is the page to apply for $600 for your school's new or existing web site from SchoolNet's Grassroots program?

  16. The Waycobah First Nation Secondary School won which awards for their web pages?
    Microsoft Grassroots Project of the Week, Grassroots Project of the Month, and SchoolNet Site of the Week
  17. What Industry Canada generations-canconnect site will pay a class or school $300 for completing 15 brief profiles of elders or important objects in a community? (a shortcut to this information is also available from the September 2000 contest on
  18. When is National Aboriginal Day?
    On 13 June 1996, a proclamation was issued declaring June 21 of every year to be National Aboriginal Day.
  19. What is one valid result of searching for
    "Gesgapegiag First Nation" + land claims?
    Aboriginal Claims in Quebec. Micmacs of Gesgapegiag. Overview. This claim involves a 500-acre island at the mouth of the Cascapedia River.
  20. What is the home page of Listuguj First Nation?
  21. What is the url (uniform resource locator) [the web page] resulting from searching for
    Miawpukek First Nation + crafts
  22. What do you find when you search for
    Lennox Island First Nation + crafts?
  23. What is one of the "hits" when you search for
    Abeqweit First Nation + education
  24. Find Big Cove First Nation web site (Welcome to the Big Cove Community Web Site).
  25. When did the Buctouche First Nation become the first Aboriginal community in New Brunswick to sign an agreement to receive policing services under the federal First Nations Policing Policy?
    BUCTOUCHE FIRST NATION, NB. - The Buctouche First Nation today became the first Aboriginal community in New Brunswick to sign an agreement to receive policing services under the federal First Nations Policing Policy. (September 5, 1997)
  26. When were there major disputes between Native fishing rights and the DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) on the Burnt Church First Nation? (quote one internet site). Summer, 2000 or
  27. Eel Ground First Nation manages ___ (how many) hectares of productive forested land?
    Eel Ground First Nation manages 2631 hectares of productive forested land.
  28. What do you find when you search for Eel River Bar First Nation + aboriginal claims?
    In 1963 a dam was constructed on the Eel River reserve which caused damages to the First Nation's fishery. On February 18, 1987 the First Nation submitted a specific claim to the Department of Indian Affairs. The First Nation felt that the Crown had violated treaty and riparian rights, provinsions of the Indian Act, and its fiduciary obligations.
  29. What is the Fort Folly First Nation web site?
    Fort Folly First Nation (Kwesawk) Web Site is
  30. List one valid search result from searching for
    "Indian Island" + (NB OR Brunswick)
    INDIAN ISLAND FIRST NATION, NB. - Federal Solicitor General Andy Scott, New Brunswick Solicitor General Jane Barry, and Indian Island First Nation Chief Second Peter Barlow today signed a tripartite policing agreement reached between Canada, New Brunswick and the Indian Island First Nation. It is one of the first tripartite agreements signed in New Brunswick under the federal First Nations Policing Policy (FNPP).
  31. List a valid search result from searching for
    Kingsclear + maliseet
  32. What is a valid result of a search of "Oromocto First Nation"
    Over the last 10 years, many First Nations have developed health centres in their communities and some employ nursing professionals and doctors. Oromocto First Nation in particular is hoping to encourage a local physician to spend some time in their community, making it easier, especially for elders, to receive medical attention.
  33. Find the phone and fax numbers of Pabineau First Nation.
  34. According to, Red Bank is New Brunswick's oldest _____ (what?) oldest village
  35. Go to You will find an information sheet on the Mi'kmaq history. Answer the following questions on homes:
  36. What is the home page of The Assembly of First Nations?
  37. In the Mi'kmaq Portrait Museum:

  38. The Maliseet language is close or almost identical to which other Native language? Passamaquoddy
  39. What is a web site of an on-line Maliseet dictionary?
  40. The Saint Mary's First Nation held a ceremony (on what date?) to mark the official opening of their new elementary school. The Chief Harold Sappier Memorial Elementary School is part of an overall community complex which will provide schooling for children from Kindergarten to Grade Five. (June 30, 1999)
  41. Find a multimedia site with Caroline Ennis, a Maliseet Woman from the Tobique First Nation and list the url.
  42. What is the name of the casino operated by the Woodstock First Nation? Eagle Nest
  43. Samson Occom, a Mohegan Native American and one of Eleazar Wheelock's first students, was instrumental in raising substantial funds for what major Ivy League college in the United States? Dartmouth College (
  44. What films did Chief Dan George star in?
    Americathon (1979), Centennial (1978), Outlaw Josey Wales, (1976), Shadow of the Hawk (1976), Bears and I (1974), Harry and Tonto (1974), Alien Thunder (1973), Dan Candy's Law (1973), Little Big Man (1970), Smith! (1969). (among others)
  45. List the address of one of the Mi'kmaw Creation Stories that are available on the internet.
  46. According to this site on Maliseet History,
  47. List a site that shows powwow locations and dates in Atlantic Canada.
  48. Go to and:

  49. Go to the following site and describe (copy and paste) the relationship between the Maliseet and Mi'kmaq languages.
    Maliseet and Micmac are very closely related to each other. This means that they separated relatively recently, and therefore within the Maritime region. They were the only languages spoken in the present-day Maritime provinces when the first Europeans arrived.
  50. Where is the site of the internet periodical "First Nations Drum"?
  51. "Madawaska" historically refers to "land of the _____? (porcupine)
  52. List the url for the "Games and Toys" section of the site.
  53. Where is a web page for Acadia First Nation ?
  54. Where is a web page about Afton First Nation?
  55. Go to the following site and describe the Pink Village art done by Buffy St. Marie
    An image of a Native elder looms above and inside a valley, in which tipis are visible. The colors are hot pinks and other bright hues, fragmented and pixelated. The atmosphere is one of Wisdom bearing witness to chaos and destruction. Ilfordchrome, 48" x 56".
  56. Where is a Annapolis Valley First Nation web page?
  57. What is the Mi'kmaw way of saying Bear River? Muin Sipu
  58. Go to and find their e-mail address.
  59. Go to the site and tell us:

  60. Go to and answer the question, "What does the story tell us about the relationship between the Great Spirit Creator and Human Beings and the Environment?" The web site of this question is no longer operational.
  61. List two of the three school web sites of schools or adult education centres in Eskasoni, NS.
    : and and
  62. The Horton First Nation has recently changed their name. What is the new name? Glooscap First Nation
  63. Mike's Mi'kmaw Place, a web site, has his home community listed on it. What is that First Nation community? Indian Brook
  64. When you click on the "suggestions, Links, and/or comments" button of Muin's Mi'kmaw Links, what e-mail address do you get?
  65. What is the Membertou First Nation web site that includes "membertou" in it's domain name?
  66. What is the Millbrook First Nation web page that includes the words, "Welcome to Millbrook First Nation's Virtual Walking Tour"?
  67. What is the mailing address of Pictou Landing First Nation School?
    R.R. 2, Box 116. site 6, Trenton, Nova Scotia B0K 1X0
  68. What is the name of the school located in Wagmatcook, NS? Wagmatcookewey School
  69. Dr. Marie Battiste is a well known Mi'kmaw author and editor. Name one of her books.
    Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision; First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds; and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge. and
  70. What is the web site of Jedi? (Joint Economic Development Initiative)?
  71. Who was Anna Mae Aquash?
    Anna Mae Aquash (1945 - 1975) was a Mi'kmaw woman who was born in 1945 to Mary Ellen Pictou. At an early age Anna Mae recognized the detrimental effects of government policies and adamantly pursued the cultural rebirth and education of her people as a means of empowerment. In the 1970's Anna Mae's convictions led her to the Wounded Knee reservation in South Dakota. Here she participated in the Wounded Knee Standoff, which was a conflict between the FBI and the Lakota Sioux people. She dedicated her life to fighting for the autonomy and freedom of all native people throughout Turtle Island and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Anna Mae was murdered in early 1975 and today her death remains unsolved and is still under investigation. or
  72. What is the url for the International Office of the Leonard Peltier Defence Committee?
  73. What is the name of a book and movie that chronicles Donald Marshall Jr.'s unjust imprisonment?
    Justice Denied
  74. What is the name of the book by Isabelle Knockwood's Book that tells of her experiences and the experiences of other Mi'kmaw children at a Residential School in Nova Scotia?
    Out of the Depths
  75. List seven signed treaties, by year, before 1780 that were signed between First Nations and colonial powers. Note: The site is a very good one-stop resource for everything from Native publications and commission reports to First Nation organizations.
  76. Go to the following site and tell us which book by Rita Joe is described.
    Song of Rita Joe : Autobiography of a Mi'Kmaq Poet
  77. What is the film on Rita Joe that was produced by the National Film Board of Canada?
    Song of Eskasoni, 1993, 28 min 50 sec. Abstract Eskasoni is the home of celebrated Micmac poet Rita Joe. This Cape Breton village is enjoying a revival of Native traditions and spirituality which inspires much of Rita Joe's writing. For twenty years her poetry and her presence have touched thousands with dignity. This video is a celebration of the spiritual pride of the Micmac as embodied in Rita Joe's writings and her life.
  78. Name the current Grand Chief (Kji-Saqmaw) of the Mi'kmaw Nation. Ben Sylliboy and

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