"Ke Kinu'tmui Ta'n Teli L'nui'simk, Kiju." - Page 15

"Katu, talamuksit net nikjawiknej?" Apistanewji'j
kesipa'to'q wunji
aqq se'skwet, "Mu' kejiaq ni'n Kiju,
ko'qwe net?" Kiju telimatl, "nikjawiknej na oranges
atlasiewiktuk aqq nikjawiknejewamuksit."

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"What about, what colour is an orange? Little Marten scratches his head in wonder
and shouts, "I don't know Grandma, what is it?" Grandma tells him that it is an
orange in English and it is the colour of orange.

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Copyright Patsy Paul-Martin 2001-2002. Used with permission.
Written and Narrated by Patsy Paul-Martin, Illustrations by Melody Martin.
Originally Published by Eastern Woodland Publishing, Truro, NS.
Web version prepared by Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk.