Elementary School Level

My Sister, Dawn

My sister is nice. She use to live at home but now she is in basic training as a Canadian Peace keeper. I miss her when she is away. Every time she comes home, she brings a gift for everyone in the family. We have to sleep together because it used to be her bedroom but she gave it to me.

Her favorite is Buffy because she is the baby in our family. Our family is special because there are eight of us and are all girls. There are nine of us at home now and our house is busy but we still miss Dawn.

Dawn is in Ottawa, Ontario and I like to go there because I like the drive. We have lots of fun on the way. Last summer we went to see Dawn in Ottawa. There was a bunch of army tanks there. There was even an McDonald’s in the base. She always goes there because she doesn't like the food at the base.

My Sister  Leanne started to cry after we got there for five days because she wanted to go to Canada's Wonderland. I didn't care. It was nice  just to be with Dawn.

Dawn is really nice to me. She doesn't tell me to clean up, she calls me on the phone, she tells me funny things that happen. Once she told me about the time they burned all their food and they didn't get to eat at all. She was pretty hungry that time, she told me about the time they flushed something down the toilet the toilet flooded and they got into trouble.

When I hear my sister say “Mom, Dawn’s on the phone” I just run up and get on the phone first so that I can get a chance to talk to Dawn. She always tells me to clean the sheets before she get home. She wants to sleep in a clean bed when she arrives.

Every time that Dawn leaves, Buffy starts to cry. I feel sad when she has to go too. I am proud of my sister because she is working hard to pass her exams and so she can go to a different base. I hope that the next base will be closer to home.  Then Dawn will be able to  come home to visit more often. We could go to visit her more often too.

I don't like how people grow up and move away but I am proud of my sister Dawn because she is doing what she wants to do with her life.

Kathleen Googoo
Grade: 5
Whycocomagh, NS

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