Jr. High School Level

The Love Letter

It was close to valentines day. A lady named Rainy was always alone for Valentines Day and every other occasion. She always wished and hoped for a man but the special person would never come.

Then there was this guy named Harry. He was alone too. He had a big crush on Rainy for a long time, since she was in high school. Harry is the shy type so he wouldn't tell her that he liked her.

It came a Valentines Day, Harry and Rainy were very depressed,  so Harry went to go speak to his friend. His friend told him to write a letter to Rainy. so that's what Harry did. He wrote a letter to her. He put his phone number and put her name on it.

When Harry was done with the letter, he decided to give it to her in a romantic way.

He went out to look for her. There was a little Valentines Party going on and that where he found Rainy.

Harry put the letter on a little arrow and aimed it to towards her. Harry shot the letter and it landed somewhere else. It landed in some woman's sack. Harry had to get that letter back. He went over to where it landed, took it out and tried one more time, but when he shot the letter again, it landed in a puddle.

Some guy with gum on his shoe stepped on the letter and the letter got stuck to his shoe. Harry was looking around for his letter but he couldn't find it anywhere. Harry got very sad and thought he would never tell Rainy the truth but the man who stepped on the letter just happen to work at the same office as Rainy. When he walked into the office, he saw the letter on his shoe and threw it into the garbage.

After work people had to clean up. the boss told Rainy to take the garbage out. While she was taking it out, she noticed the letter in the garbage, it had her name on it. She picked it up and started reading. It said that Harry had loved her for a long time. After finishing the letter, she started to cry. She called him right away and they met each other at the park. They were both so happy. They fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Trishia Francis
Grade: 8
Age: 14
Eel Ground, NB

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