My Love Story

Once upon a time there was this native women. Her name was Wasuekjij. She was a very pretty woman, but she was lonely. One day she went out for a walk and met this man, he was bringing home some food. He tripped up and dropped all his food. Wasuekjij rushed over to help the man up. They both looked in each others eyes for a minute and went on again.

The next day they met again and stopped to talk for a while. He introduced himself and his mane was kitpu’jij. That night Wasuekjij went home and had a dream about she and Kitpu’jij. She dreamed that one sunny day they fell in love, got married, and had some kids. She woke up very quickly and sat up, looked out the window at a star and wished that her dream would come true.

The next day Wasuekjij woke up, it was a nice sunny day just like in her dream. Wasuekjij went outside and she saw Kitpu’jij again, only this time he asked her did she want to go fishing with him. Wasuekjij said yes and off they went. When they got home she invited him in for supper. They cooked the fish they caught and they ate it all. The next day they finally fell in love. Kitpu’jij asked Wasuekjij if she wanted to go out with him and Wasukjij said yes. A few years later they had twelve kids, got married, and lived happily ever after.

The End

Sabrina Jeddore
Grade: 8
Conne River, NFL

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